Wednesday, September 30, 2020



I've often wondered about love, and what exactly the ingredients are, that attract or repel people from each other.

One often encounters couples or friends, who enjoy each other's company but on the surface they seem an unlikely match and totally unsuited to each other. 

Yet, they are able to be, or live together, communicate harmoniously and are perfectly happy and content in each other's company.

I started thinking about how particular I am about wearing certain brands of perfume. Some of the brands I adore are Femme, Chanel no5, Arpege, Rive Gauche, Paloma Picasso

My preference has never changed in 50 years. I'll add a new discovery, but never discard the one's I already love - I guess one could liken it to a slowly expanding Harem. In that respect, I remain faithful to what I love.  But being an artist and so easily falling in love and being inspired by newly discovered beauty and then being so intimately dedicated to caressing the painting at hand, is an indication of certain ingrained characteristics. 

I do not abandon on for the other, I merely interchange, rediscover and add to the repertoire as the need arises.

Is a pianist forced to  play only the first note he touched on a piano, or doomed to perform a favorite composition ad infinitum and then never explore the other possibilities? By nature, creatives need to expand, invent, and be open to unusual and inspiring influences.

Obviously there are artists (but not only artists mind you) who are not morally inclined or diciplined and also practice this trait of total abandon and zero inhibition in their private lives, where it obviously creates havoc. Picaso is one such example.

There is also an interesting thought I had, that someone could deliberately disguise their natural (unappetizing aroma) with a heavy dose of an intoxicating one, thereby performing aroma - trickery! 

So maybe, by dulling or tricking someone else's intuition and finely tuned senses, a cognitive dissonance could develop when the package of nonsense, no longer makes any sense.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Interview in Afrikaans on Radio RSG (SA)

Ek het Dinsdagaand 4 Aug 2020, met Christelle, van Radio RSG (SA) gesels en 'n

paar dinge wat gewoonlik verborge is, vertel.

Daar is persoonlike verhale van agter die skerms, asook moontlike insae in van

die gedagtes waarmee ek myself besig hou.

Geniet dit en moenie huiwer om van jou te laat hoor nie!

Vir die van julle wat so 'n bietjie nader wil kennis maak verskaf ek die skakel na

die volledige opname.

Hartlike groete,


Monday, April 20, 2020


'COMMON SENSE (Leaning by example)'

'As a child, my father (a visionary as well as an astute businessman) always pointed out the difference between that which was theoretical and that which actually worked in practice.
That's the way I have been wired. 

I am an artist, a practical dreamer.
Artists may not all realize it, but they are creative, practical problem solvers.
Every painting is created by a multitude of infinitesimal choices which gradually give shape to the final product. 

In theory an idea may be superb but once you set about materializing your vision, practicalities rule the roost. 
Several failed architectural results, are excellent examples of someone pitching or insisting on persevering with an unpractical idea. The unfortunate customer is doomed to not only live with some one else's mistakes, but also pay for it!
Unfortunately the larger the stakes, the bigger and more expensive the mistakes.

There were a number of concerns I immediately thought of, when the possibility of a National lock down was rumored.
How on earth would those who were already struggling and who were trying to cope with the bare minimum, be able to survive when they were deprived of their livelihood?
On top of it, we are already struggling with massive unemployment. Who would be taking the ultimate knock when the ripple effect started?
How do tenants pay rent and other expenses whilst also struggling to pay humanitarian salaries to 'temporarily lay-off' workers if there is zero income? In my book that spells bankruptcy. 

Even if or when things return to 'normal', many businesses will no longer exist, meaning even if you had a job before, there was no job waiting for you after.
Will the owners of shopping centers wave rental agreements? 
Will our municipal bills also be waved since most of us have reduced or no income? Will all our liabilities depending on an income, magically be waved away?

Is it simply taken for granted that everyone has savings and that is ok when the little you possibly have, simply evaporates into thin air?
Even if lock down is magically lifted, the jobs they were prevented from doing will no longer exist. The problems will compound astronomically and cause an untold number of fatalities. Famine, famine induced diseases and unrest, will be the cause of this.

Is it at all morally justifiable to deprive and prevent people from giving emotional and physical care and assistance to their loved ones? Besides a weakened physical state, a weakened emotional state creates havoc in the immune system and such victims (hospital patients and the vulnerable and elderly, cocooned in solitude in old age homes) become prime targets for the virus. 
Humanity is built on love, touch, support and care, and with these endearing, life supporting qualities brutally ripped away, it encourages us to turn us on our own kind by becoming distant, aloof and suspicious and thus becoming rather inhuman.
It also seems as though (besides the emergency workers) the system favors those who are able to work remotely, also giving them an unfair advantage.
Maybe I'm simply not good at math but I'm still waiting to see the theoreticians and statisticians show us a projected comparison between lives lost because of starvation and desperate social revolt and the actual PERCENTAGE of lives lost, from all those who actually DO become infected.
There are several death sentences to consider.
Violent, desperate social revolt.
Suicide because of job loss and depression
Massive starvation and related diseases 

Sadly there have been, there are, and there will be more deaths because of the virus. There are also millions of ongoing preventable and inevitable deaths that occur, simply because you are alive.
However just because you test positive, it does not mean you have necessarily been given a death sentence.
As far as I know, most of the deaths occurred because the patients already suffered from severe or prolonged underlying medical conditions. Their systems failed. They were weak and vulnerable.
When healthy people who want to work and have liabilities, lose there jobs and  have no money and they as well as their dependents are starved, their immune systems and constitutions will become extremely vulnerable and compound the chances of contracting the virus and ultimately succumbing to it.  

Will their unfortunate deaths be recorded in the statistics as being a victim of the virus, or a victim of starvation?
How to turn the tide once a fragile economy becomes a collapsed economy, God only knows. -Aleta Michaletos

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


'I did not sleep much last night. I was hyper alert and found it fascinating to listen to and distinguish between the infinitesimal sounds on our roof and the gutter. 
I heard little thuds on large leaves and a steady and worrying, metronomic drip on the ceiling. 
I heard a series of crashing waterfalls, as water rushed down garden steps. Drops were becoming trickles and trickles became flowing rivulets.
Something ancient and disturbing gripped my heart, when I heard the faint but steady 'steam train', approaching in the distance. 

The sound of a powerful and unavoidable deluge, grew progressively louder as it drew closer and when it hit, all the valves were open wide, drowning out all neighboring sounds in one continuous, solid, downpour.
You guessed as much,
At dawn, the bird's early chattering and chirping, cutting through crystal clear air, filled my heart with joy and the pool is overflowing with thankfulness.
Dusty leaves are glistening and wet shades of green are all one notch darker, whilst I breathe a sigh of relief..... '
-Aleta Michaletos

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

MORE OR LESS (Too much of a good thing)

The ultimate paradox - Increased abundance equals accelerated loss.

The more things you have, the less time and opportunity you have to interact with it.
Choosing the best from an abundance of ideas, immobilizes and chances to materialize, will be less.
The more fabulous friends you accumulate, the less quality time you will be able to spend with them. 
The more you eat, the less of an attractive figure you will have left.
The more your life is cluttered, the less space you will have to move freely.
The more you spend recklessly, the less you will have left as a nest egg.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Aleta Michaletos 1970

 Although creatives may hold no creative tool in hand and there's no trace of fresh paint on a dusty palette, they are able to fill sketchbooks with intricate drawings, complete large canvasses and have them delivered to museums abroad, say witty and sharp things during sought after interviews with famous journalists, chisel monumental sculptures from choice blocks of Cararra marble, eagerly autograph napkins in fancy restaurants, effortlessly fill journals with published books and sit at the captains table on a luxury liner. 

How, you may ask is this possible? 

All of this is effortlessly achieved by the power of the imagination which is seated (but sadly also obscured from view) within the human skull. 

Only full effort, results in full victory. 

"Full effort is full victory" -Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, July 19, 2019


She may have been youthful once but nothing beats a lifetime's development, transformation and experience.
Our rather adult Camellia dropped one of her voluptuous blooms a while ago and under close scrutiny, the sensuality of the abandoned flower, has been entertaining and intriguing me ever since. 

I've touched her, carefully divided her to expose her hidden inner bits, and stared at her for much longer periods, than all the combined fleeting moments that I have delighted in and lavished on, the imposing blooming shrub so far.